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Hatake Kakashi x Rin
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"But I haven't done anything yet."
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It was the only dead tree in those parts. It stood on top of what is now known as Hokage Mountain but it's been there way before the faces were carved on the mountain's stone, way before Konohagakure no Sato was built upon the mountain's foot. The tree's dry and leafless boughs still spread out from it's solid trunk. But slowly, little by little, the once mighty tree was crumbling down. Towering like it's other companions, it was still grand and beautiful even in death.  
The tree's death started several years ago, on a stormy day, not that long in the reckoning of trees. See, unlike other living things, a tree does not die instantly. It dies leaf by leaf, root by root, ever so slowly. A tree this old had gone through thousands of stormy days. It was the same story everytime: dark skies, strong winds, rain that seemed to never end, thunder, lightning.
On that particular stormy day, if one will look closely, upon the top of this towering tree that stood on top of Hokage Mounta
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Dusk. It marked the start of the day's end. It's the time when most people headed home after a hard days' work. Like most people (though rarely so), Kakashi was also on his way home. As the sun got ready to dip behind the mountains, Kakashi walked along one of Konoha's smaller streets, following the quickest route from the marketplace to his house.
"Kakashi," called a voice from behind him. He recognized who it was. He did not pay it any heed. He continued walking.
"Kakashi!" called the voice again. He knew the voice's owner well enough and Kakashi knew the person will not just easily give up on trying to get his attention. And yet he continued walking.
"Eternal Rival," called the voice again. This time, Kakashi had to stop walking. Otherwise he would just bump into the voice's owner who - to an untrained eye - would seem like the person had teleported from behind. Just a few steps in front of him stood Guy - green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers, mighty eyebrows, perfect bowl-cut hair, s
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Little boy sings himself to sleep.
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Even when he doesn't mean to, Kakashi would sometimes end up sneaking up on Rin. It can't be helped really because he was more used to moving around quietly than making his presence felt right away (or sometimes only when he wants to). The first time it happened, which was in the kitchen while she was preparing dinner, she ended up flinging a knife in his direction. Either she was so caught off guard that her aim was not good or he was really good at avoiding flying weapons aimed at him but the knife missed his face by just a few inches. The other notable times he unintentionally sneaked up on her, he caught her either sleeping on the tub, singing and dancing her heart out, staring at his picture, talking to Mr. Ukki or (surprisingly) reading an Icha Icha book.
That day though, even as Kakashi soundlessly walked through the house towards the bedroom and can already hear her shuffling around from within it, Rin was not caught unawares. She peeked out of the door and bounded over to him.
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What Rin usually needed to deal with first thing in the morning whenever Kakashi was around was the task of getting out of bed by extricating herself from him. Though it does not sound like something so difficult to do, it's actually not so easy. Whether he does it intentionally or not, Kakashi could make it difficult for her.
Sometimes Kakashi in his sleep would keep them all tangled up, trapping her within a jumble of their own arms and legs, usually keeping her enveloped in his arms.  She hates waking him up because it's so easy to do and she can attest to how the slightest movement could stir him from sleep. No matter how deftly she tries to get herself out from that nice comfy place within his hug, she still manages to rouse him which then makes it more difficult for her because then, Kakashi would intentionally keep her down in bed with him in something like a soft gentle tackle. It would become a more desperate attempt for Rin to get up even though she's sure he's alre
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"Damn! They got the name wrong!"
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It was the kind of day Rin would've liked. She would've welcomed the cool breeze, wouldn't have cared if the wind blew hard and ruffled her hair to a mess. She would've looked forward to sitting under a tree after a sparring session with Kakashi and would've taken a nap right then and there. Or she would've picked some flowers and brought them to the memorial stone. She would've told Obito about the things Kakashi were up to: him getting into the ANBU, the last challenge between him and Gai, the puppy Kakashi adopted. Rin would've done a lot of other things on a day like that, Kakashi thought as he unlocked the door to his house and quietly went in.
There was enough light in the kitchen to see his way around. He put the things he bought on top of the counter  and started to unwrap them. The bunch of flowers were placed on a tall drinking glass half-full of water and the strawberries on a clean, dry bowl. The strawberry cake was taken out of the box and everything was placed
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nil desperandum
does it rain where you are?
the sky has teeth
the ground
a jaw
dreams are thieves they
steal my sleep
and awake
they steal my breath
life is
what is
between every
little death
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How to love a girl who can't love herself.
    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.
    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.
     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
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Three Kings by nuriko-kun Three Kings :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 3,305 0 Love is... Looking Good for You (Pt.1) by hjstory Love is... Looking Good for You (Pt.1) :iconhjstory:hjstory 499 7 The Darkness of Khazad-dum by alicexz The Darkness of Khazad-dum :iconalicexz:alicexz 7,141 195 FONT PACK#2 by artjunkpsds by art-psds-junk FONT PACK#2 by artjunkpsds :iconart-psds-junk:art-psds-junk 1,046 68
apoc in prog
I often wish
for some
sort of apocalypse
so I could just stop with this
constant non-
sense drop
pretense and
get on with it
the hollowed out
where I stay
this shell has been
so long
and I sleep
but I get
no rest
with the weight
of these words
and the world
on my chest
but if it's
so am I
getting started on this
two day
drive so
we can share
the shape of my
is this map
with an X
the place where you are
the space I fill next
or maybe
just depends
on the chances
we take before
our world
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